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Our Process

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We appreciate our clients and pride ourselves in meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

Before we begin any design projects with our clients, we advice that every web or design asset such as logos, images and content that will be used, is readily available. We also kindly ask our clients to make their phones available or be prompt with e-mail responses.

We understand keeping up with communications could be difficult sometimes and are here to work with you throughout this process.



Before your website is built, you need to acquire a Domain name. What is a Domain name?
Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular web pages. They can also be used to identify one or more IP addresses such as and

Every website needs a domain name. It is essentially the direction to your web office or store as is an address to your physical office.

For us to begin our web design process, you have to already know what domain name you’re interested in. You could buy your domain name with a domain provider or simply leave it to us.

Depending on the package you select with us, we might even be able to throw in a FREE Domain name for 1 year as well as FREE e-mail setup pointing to your Domain. Now that’s a fair deal!

The Domain and e-mail provision stage requires a 25% deposit of the full payment upfront.



Firstly, we require customers to provide full content including images, for their new website. The contents we require are not limited to but must include the following;

  • About us page content.
  • Contact us page content.
  • Terms & Condition wordings.
  • Privacy Policy
  • Delivery & Return Policy
  • Product images (high quality, less than or equal to 1MB each & to specified dimensions)

Secondly, we require a list of 5 existing websites that you’re interested in. This helps us visualise your interest better and assists in ensuring we’re on the same page as you are throughout our design process.

As soon as we receive these, we will proceed with the clarification process, which involves us sending you a final e-mail.

This e-mail will state the content agreement, description of pages to be built as well as any unique features you request. At this stage, you will be required to make a payment of 25% of the total sum for work to commence.

The final 50% will be required 3 weeks before completion and handing over of web properties to you.

We will help you along the way in getting used to your new platform and guide you through the settings on the back-end of your new website.

NB: Aftercare is dependent on the web design package selected. For extended assistance, please select design package according to requirement. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the appropriate package for your requirement.



We provide varied period of aftercare to all our customers and dedicate a maximum of 1 hours per customer, per enquiry for live assistance on an appointment basis. Please note appointments are subject to availability.